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Haunted Circus Carnival Hit The Road For A New Adventure.

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Have you ever heard the legend about the haunted circus?

Well, youโ€™re in for a hell of a ride!

It all started a long time ago. On a sinister October night, out in the middle of nowhere, a mysterious traveling circus appeared on the face of the earth. Led by a mad ringmaster, it roamed around the world, luring unsuspecting victims into its darkest embrace.

Some people believed that the circus was cursed; others claimed that evil spirits possessed it. Most of the stories, though, claim that the circus grounds are haunted by restless souls: ghost clowns, freaks, and frightening performers.

The Traveling Haunted Circus Comes To Miami

They all are looking for an acrobat-lady, a long-lost beloved of the ringmaster who vanished into thin air. The ringmaster was despondent with grief and strange things happened whenever the spooky circus arrived at a new place.

The legend says that the circus wonโ€™t find its peace until the acrobat-lady returns. This fall, the circus is coming to Miami, so you will have an opportunity to solve this nerve-chilling mystery. You aren’t scared, are you?


Is the Circus kids friendly?

Yes, it is Halloween themed but not scary, making it a perfect experience for the whole family!

Does the Circus have a limited capacity?
Yes, we can only allow a limited number of guests, so make sure you reserve your spot today!

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